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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Want Sex

So the other night I went out to eat at Sullivan's at 119th and Roe.

This is an old fashioned steakhouse of the variety that wants you to have a wedge of iceberg lettuce smothered in blue cheese with your meal.

I ordered french onion soup and the tuna tartare appetizer for my dinner.

The soup was really delicious.

The salad was also quite nice even if it is the number one least healthy way to eat tomatoes and lettuce.
The tuna tartare was interesting. The guac was nice and the oranges and citrus sauce were lovely. But there were jalapeno seeds in the tuna. I believe people eat tuna raw because it has such a great flavor and once you add jalapenos to something that is all you can taste for the most part so I was not impressed by this aspect of my dish.
Overall I would compare this restaurant to Capital Grille, another restaurant that I don't ever need to visit that most people love.

Oh, by the way - here is something funny for you. A decaf espresso:

Look at this tiny little shot of strong coffee - decaf coffee. What is the point? How funny!


EC said...

Hey! I drink decaf espresso. It's what you drink after you have a doctor use the word "Heart" and "Explode" in the same sentence.

Now, when a poet uses those words in the same sentence it means something completely different...

Mac said...

how does i want sex equate to dinner at sullivan's?