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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mandarinism and Peach Pie

I'm waiting to hear all about a KRAZY restaurant in Chicago that my friends went to last weekend. I will fill you in when I can.

For now, see this lovely peach pie I made:
I bought this crust in the freezer section so I could make a quiche some time. It isn't sweet at all.
But at the last minute I decided to make a pie and all I had in my pantry was a can of peaches.
This is what I did with it. I put the can of peaches in a bowl and poured in a few tablespoons of sugar, a few tablespoons of cornstarch and some amaretto. I mixed that up and put it in the crust. Then, just for fun, I crumbled some of a Hershey's bar on top.

I think you can cook this for about 20 minutes on 350. The point is, it's really easy to make a pie so try it some time.
On another note, recently my family went to Mandarinism, a newish Chinese fusion restaurant on 135th and Roe.
They have some very interesting dishes there.

We got a few appetizers, including the cream cheese and shrimp wonton thing which was nice.

This refreshing duck pancake thing.
And your standard potstickers.
What I noticed right away about Mandaranism (aside from the upside-down mirror on the wall) was that the food is authentic. I know that may sound strange because the first two of these appetizers are unique to this restaurant, but what I mean is that these items were made up by a chef.
It may seem a small thing, but the sauces accompanying each of these dishes were perfect. They were clearly freshly made and incredibly delicious. I really enjoyed the duck in particular.
They also serve hot tea in this unusual way:
It's loose tea leaves in hot water so you will be surprised by the leaves in your tea if you aren't ready for it. But the tea is really good.

I felt like having the "Mongolian" beef for lunch and it was really good but the fried rice that came with it was strange. It was good, just not fried. It would be better not to call it fried rice.

Over all I liked this restaurant and would go back.

I think the dessert kind of clinched it for me. Look how nice this is:

Fried bananas and apple rangoon with some kind of amazing sauce.

I guess you'll get me every time with a good sauce....

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ann pai said...

How can a mirror be upside down? ... Good pics of the appetizers. Made me want some.