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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I went to bed early last night feeling kind of sick and woke up at 2 am feeling terrible.

Seems to be a trend around here...

In any case I am feeling a little better but my appetite is not right.

So I took a juicy tomato and made this for myself for dinner.

It is a simple salad. I often make it with just tomatoes and vinegar but today I added some feta cheese.

Now a word on love.

For those who want me to stick to discussing food I'll reiterate what you should already know. Food must be made with love in order to taste good.

I have been thinking lately about how much fun it is to have someone in your life who you love to share everything with. I keep looking at towns I'd like to live in - I'm a small town girl at heart. And I have been thinking about vacations I want to take.

But really, when you are in love it doesn't matter where you are because it is fun to be with the person you love even if you are sitting on your couch.

I'm not ready for love right now but I can see it in the future like that tiny ray of light in the dark when it's about to be dawn.

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Anonymous said...

all good food comes with a story...it is the stage of our lives in which the production and background is as important as the final tasty morsels.

keep writing.