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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Andy's Wok

By now everyone knows I have a thing for Asian food. Specifically, I love Japanese food. Lately I have also come to love Korean food. I love Chinese food but only really good quality. My favorite Chinese food is that which you can get only in Japan.

Last weekend I went to Andy's Wok with some gals. We ordered this delicious chicken chow fun.
And these steamed shrimp dumplings.
I was pleased with the food but in general lately I have been yearning for real Asian food, the kind you can only find in Asia.
I took my daughter to Kyoto by Hen House on 135th today and it was so bad. The sushi was bad. The steak was bad. It made both me and my daughter sad. How can you screw up white rice and steak teriyaki?
She and I both want desperately to live in Japan for a while. We'd learn how to perfectly cook all the various dishes we love and long for.
And on that note, last Wednesday I went to my daughter's Thanksgiving program and was delighted to see what she told her teachers when they asked each of the kids how they would make a Turkey:


Jodi said...

Hey, that's how I'm making Thursday's turkey! How did she get my recipe?

Foodie said...

You are putting sesame seeds on our turkey?

What am I bringing, by the way? Also, can I get drunk and pass out in your guest room?

jason said...

Hi Amie. Hope you, Grace, and Noah have a happy thanksgiving.

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