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Thursday, November 6, 2008

How to make Spatzle

Usually when I'm cooking, the kids are somewhere nearby. In the case of this video they were screaming in the basement and then coughing in the last frame.

You can tell I'm hurrying through what I'm saying because I look like a little tense.

My point about not many people eating this stuff was that, outside of Germans, it is not a widely eaten food but it should be because it is a very yummy, hearty, easy to make from scratch side dish that is extraordinarily versatile.

Readers, go buy a spatzle maker and start making this stuff!

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Anonymous said...

Amy, these noodle/dumplings were one of my favorite foods from Germany, where I lived for a year in the 80s. And I haven't had any since! :(

But you've inspired me to make it myself. Where would i find one of the gadgets you use in this video? i'm not ready to learn the hand technique for scraping them into the vat that i witnessed a few hausfraus use...

Your ol' boss, Ric