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Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh, the Candy

Someone very wise mentioned that this is clearly tied to the poor economy. He said something about investing in Kraft and Beer companies when times are hard.

Simple pleasures.

I agree. I have always seen candy as a comfort food, a food from childhood. I don't much care for it as an adult but it does offer comfort.

Halloween in my neighborhood this year reached epic proportions as far as I could tell. Full sized candy bars being handed out. No little bits of yucky candy. No toothbrushes to be sure.

I found myself wanting to repeal the candy tax and let the kids keep it all. What a treasure they collected.

What will happen tomorrow? Will Obama really win?

I wait for the world to crack open and be born into a new era of hope for peace. I wait for Reid and Alex to be born into this world.

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