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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Spoils of War

It's amazing how powerful language is. Or maybe I'm just really sensitive.

With a few unkind words I can be crushed, it's true.

When you care about people, there is nothing worse than having them say, "no thank you, I don't want you to care about me and I certainly don't care about you."

But after my tears dried up I picked myself up and gave myself a hug and looked in the mirror and said to myself, "This is the only way I can love you. I care about other people whether they want me to or not, whether they care about me or not."

This is why I belong in a cabin in the woods by a stream. I require quiet and my feelings are easily crushed by a careless phrase.

This is why I belong in a city. Because I love people and I want to see them smile and feel the joy of being alive.

I guess I should eat something one of these days so that I can blog about it ....

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Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Oh Honey doll, this calls for Ben and Jerry's. I know you don't like desserts but sometimes when you feel like you are losing the war, a pint of Ben and Jerry's can be all the ammo you need to carry on.

Carry on Sista