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Monday, December 8, 2008

J. Alexander's

Last night I had the real treat of eating at a Kansas City establishment known for its delicious steak. I have been there a few times and have yet to order or taste their steak but I got a little closer yesterday.

I had a cheeseburger. It was not bad and I was definitely impressed with the freshness of the produce.

Alas, even though I reminded myself to take pictures, because I did not place my red Centro on the table next to me, I forgot to take any shots.

And, because I usually forget to take pictures of what I'm eating, regardless of how excited I am about eating it, my favorite people to dine with are the ones who remind me to take pictures for my blog. In my world this is the equivalent of giving me a hug or a kiss or taking my hand and squeezing it just so.

I feel elated when the person I am with reminds me to take pictures for my blog as if they have just complimented me in a deeply personal way.

My memory works (and fails to work) in its own way, that's for sure.

A friend of mine recently said that he loved being around me because he knows that no matter how severely he pisses me off, I'll always forget about it within a matter of hours.

It's so true and it's so good to be me.

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Average Jane said...

I like J. Alexander's. Their Alex's Salad is tasty; sometimes I just get that and some of their Chicken Pasta Soup.