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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Proposition (that I) Ate

I'm pretty much done thinking about this for now, but I keep mulling over how our government is not supposed to pass laws that have to do with religion.

And sex.

I keep thinking about what sex has to do with marriage and how marriage has to do with religion and how our government can make laws about these things.

I believe that the government may only involve itself in the official coupling of people in regards to civil unions.

How can the government say anything about marriage when it is a religious institution.

Yet, the entirety of law has its origins deep within religion. So, really, I have found that I believe the idea of separation of church and state is total nonsense.

We can't have a proper country that has laws separate from religion. The entire idea of a law is that it makes moral sense, that it is for the greater good. The idea of order is based in the idea of some kind of religion, even if it is purely humanistic.

Hmmm. Where does this leave us?

It brings me back to sex, where I like to stay anyway. And I have just one question for those people who say that same sex is the wrong way.

Are you sure you are doing it the right way?

I don't mean that the way you think. What I'm asking you is if you are sure your sexual practices are what the Lord Almighty wants? Because if you are sure, then I want to know how you know.

If anyone doesn't know this by now, I believe in a creator that is pure love. Love is the only way our creator communicates, lives, breathes, moves. Pure love.

I wonder how to shape all laws so they take that form. Love. Do that which increases love. That which decreases love is forbidden.

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Josh said...

"I believe that the government may only involve itself in the official coupling of people in regards to civil unions."

Only western countries have this issue, in Japan, you go to the courthouse, you pay your 10 yen, *Boom* your married, thats it, the "wedding" is usually 6 months or more later and has nothing to do with a legal marrage. I understand laws discouraging me from marrying a piece of toast but if i want to "marry" steve for tax shelter purposes i dont see how thats a moral issue.