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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dr. Waner

Knowing me, I bet you thought that I was going to write something kind of off-color starting out with a blog title like that. But no!

Dr. Waner is a man I met on Friday night at the Sweethearts' Gala, a black tie event to raise money for an incredible cause. I warn you before you click on this link that the pictures are hard to look at: http://www.wanervascularanomaly.org/

My new hero, Dr. Waner developed successful treatments for hemangiomas, which are benign (but terrible) stem cell tumors.

I was so lucky to get invited to attend this event by a good friend who sponsored a table. Next year I will get my own ticket and try to win something in the auction!

Our dinner was really wonderful.

It started out with an absolutely delicious salad. The raspberry dressing was creamy and tart and just perfect with the beet stained pears and greens.

To cleanse our palates we had strawberry sorbet with champagne gelatin cubes.
The main course was so delicious. My mouth is watering looking at this crappy picture because I'm remembering the wild mushroom risotto and the perfect chicken and filet in divine sauces.
This whole event was a chocolate themed night and as you know that means zilch to me, but I did have two chocolate martinis at the beginning of the evening. They were so delicious I just downed them before realizing that I should not have.

I bid on three big bottles of Tequila from Mexico and I am still sad that I was not the highest bidder.

This dessert was perfect, like everything else. It had fresh berries and rich whipped cream, a raspberry sauce, a white and dark chocolate stick that you could eat, dip in your coffee or do whatever you like with.

The best part though was that little chocolate square delicacy that one might call a petitfour or a little piece of cake, or even something mousse-like.

It had the wonderful flavor of hazelnut, like Nutella. I took one bite just to see what it was like ... followed by many, many more bites.
Like I said, not only was this event a fundraiser for a wonderful cause, but it was great fun with outstanding food.

The auction was exciting, the gowns were beautiful and everyone I met was friendly and interesting and very sweet.

Let me tell you, it's hard to know what to think when you walk into a room with huge posters of disfigured children and video displays of the same (hence the two martinis).

But I walked out of there feeling so hopeful and thankful for Dr. Waner and for caring people.

By the way, tonight I cut up a potato and made french fries.
I put truffle salt on them and got the best (and most sincere) compliments I have yet received from certain people who are regularly forced to eat at my table. I'm glad I spend the $30 on a small jar of truffle salt and Dean and Deluca last weekend.

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