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Thursday, January 15, 2009

(Wo)Man's Search for Meaning

When I turned 30 or so I noticed that I became even more interested in socks than I had been before.

This worked out just fine because I was married and everyone knows that married people have plenty of socks.

But I have not been married since the middle of April and the reality is, I'm not good at wearing socks as a single person. It's not my style or taste.

On the other hand, life really sucks without socks.

Several months ago I read parts of Man's Search for Meaning directly pertaining to why people get to feeling like they need socks when in fact what they really need is to know their lives have meaning.

Just reading those words seemed to relieve me of my desire to have the perfect socks. It led me to go deeper into myself and search for the source of my longing.

It actually led me closer to G-d and gave me an even deeper sense of peace.

But lately all I can think about is socks. I know exactly what kind of socks I like to wear. I'm not fancy. I'm the type who finds a favorite pair and wants to wear them every day.

I hope and pray I find a good pair soon.


Mark Logan said...

Very nice. I know how you feel. Life can feel lonely without good socks.

Natasha said...

You and me both sister.

anxiousdog said...

The best socks are handknit. Get busy girl!

cornfed_girl said...

Wow. I check in on your blog every now and again, just to see what's new on the food front. Well, this article on socks really got me (my brain) going. When you find socks you love you just love them to death. I have been pondering lately about how when I love something (esp. an article of clothing), I basically end up not wearing it at all. I am so afraid of using it up that I end up not wearing it at all. I want that perfect thing to last forever and in reaction, end up never enjoying it, except when I see it in the closet and think, "wow, I really love that sweater." Does this bleed into other things I love besides clothing?...I will ponder....

Foodie said...

Cornfed, I hope for your husband's sake that your treatment of favorite clothes does not apply to socks.

I know you have some kids so there is some evidence that socks are involved.


Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Amy- good socks are usually best when they are broken in and well worn- comfortable, non-irritating and practical, Still want me to set you up on a blind date- no strings or socks attached?