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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blue Koi, En, Cuba de Asia at Morgans

When I was in NYC last week I ate at two really amazing restaurants, in addition to getting that wonderful pizza that I live for (twice!) The first place was called En and is a Japanese izakaya in the West Village. http://www.enjb.com/

I had the best time there with two friends from college. The food was great, the company was hilarious. My favorite part of the meal was our old dynamic. Jordan picked and ordered all our dishes. Amir and I sat next to each other sharing food and making a mess like two monkeys. Just like old times!

The next night was a crazy experience. We were walking down Madison Avenue for who knows what reason and we walked by a little door that said "Asia de Cuba at Morgans" on it. This was a very inconspicuous door. I would not have given it a second glance if I had not heard of the place ahead of time and that I should make a point to go there.

And trust me, you should go there next time you are in NYC. The food is original and perfect in every way. One of the coolest things about this place is the big communal table in the middle. It's just about the swankiest place I have ever been in. http://www.chinagrillmgt.com/adecNY/main.cfm?pp=0

Today I meant to go to Blanc for lunch - the new one - the one that sent me an email saying they were opening on Tuesday the 17th. Those motherf*&*s were not open today or yesterday. They open at 5 tomorrow and don't even start serving lunch until Monday, February 23rd.

Do you know how I daydreamed all morning of having a Blanc burger with truffle fries?

Instead, Blue Koi got my business.

We started with these chicken dumplings. They were yummy, and entertaining. When you bite into them juices squirt out everywhere, all over the table and onto the people sitting near you.
I love their braised tofu and shiitake mushrooms over wide homemade wheat noodles. A great lunch!
The lunch conversation was especially fun too. A bit shocking, but that's nice once in a while. ;)

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Anonymous said...

What was a bit shocking? You left us in suspense!