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Monday, March 9, 2009

Damn Sprint to Hell

I don't really mean this at all. I want Sprint to succeed, to thrive, to grow and bloom and be what it once was and even more.

But my Centro. My beloved Centro has died. Again. This is the third time my Centro has died. For no reason.

I didn't drop it or let it get wet or anything. It was sitting on the counter. Each time. And moments before it worked and then nothing.

When I say "my beloved Centro" I'm not just being dramatic. People, it pains me that my phone is not working right now.

But what am I going to do tomorrow? I can't go in there and say, "hey, fix my phone for the third time." Clearly I have to get a new phone or perhaps even switch carriers and this all makes me very grumpy.

I have been loyal to Sprint through thick and thin and as I count the days until I hold a Palm Pre in my hand I know I am not meant to abandon this company yet.

As for food, do you know what I ate today?

One banana
Some instant grits
A grilled chick snack wrap

I don't think we actually had dinner tonight. I said to the kids: what do you want that's really fast?

Noah said cereal so I poured him a bowl with milk and said, "here's your dinner."

I think I made my daughter a bagel that she had one bite of and then she also settled on a bowl of cereal.

Tomorrow will be another story.

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