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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fork & Screen

Last night I had a rare evening to myself and I had a great time going to the Fork & Screen in the Olathe AMC theater.

This is the perfect date in my opinion. I love the movie theater experience anyway, but suddenly you get whatever you want to eat, it's not too expensive and it tastes really good.
Every restaurant should install a little button like this at tables and booths alike. This is how things roll in Japan because calling out to your server is not an option in that society. You push the button, the server comes. Everyone is happy. Everything is discrete.

We arrived at the theater very early so we got some nice star treatment from our waiter and I had the chance to take a picture of the table in front of our seats, in case you haven't been there yet and you are wondering what it's like. You get a nice big movie seat and it's quite easy to lean forward and eat or sit back and forget all about the bar/shelf/table-thing in front of you.

My date ordered this roast chicken dinner which he said was delicious. I like that it came in a bento box.
Being ever-conscious of my high cholesterol, I ordered fried cheese for my dinner. It was delicious.
Although I'm not a dessert craver, I pointed out early on how amazing their brownie and ice cream concoction is and so after dinner we shared it. You know how good it was by the fact that I didn't even consider taking a picture before we inhaled it.
We saw He's Just Not that Into You which is a bit of a funny movie to see on a first date. But I really loved this movie. It hit the spot for me.

I can't sing AMC's praises enough. Between the Fork & Screen and those Dyson hand dryers in the bathroom, I'd really like to live in one of their movie theaters. I hope they expand these types of theaters and trust me, if you haven't gone there yet, make a point of it.
You will really enjoy yourself!

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