I am a writer and a Mommy. I am a devout Jew. These are the most important books I have read: The Tao te Ching by Lao Tzu, Stephen Mitchell translation. Spiritual Divorce by Debbie Ford. Living Inspired by Akiva Tatz. My kitchen would suggest I'm a closet carny, as would my love of Branson.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What I (my sister) Made for Dinner: March 1, 2009

Chicken and white bean chili, green salad with dijon vinaigrette.

Is there anything better on a frigid day than a big pot of chili on the stove and a fabulous basketball game on the TV?

The answer is No. No, there is not.


There is one thing that matches it all.... going to bed at 9 pm. :)

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