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Sunday, March 8, 2009


Book club tonight was quite a treat. We discussed a great book called The Invisible Wall which I highly recommend to anyone.

Also, I got this amazing meal. I mixed it all up and enjoyed every bite!
This soup was completely amazing. It has kale and all kinds of mushrooms in it and barley. I think barley should be in all soups because it has the best flavor!
My contribution to the evening was homemade potato chips of a sort.
I sliced the potatoes really thin and tossed them with a bit of oil. I placed them on a single layer on a pizza pan and sprinkled salt, pepper and onion powder on them.
After they were cooked I put some truffle salt on them.
They made a really nice snacky food that the kids liked.

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Churiquis said...

Hello Foodie:

I really enjoy reading your Blog.

Through your posts, I discovered a person who decided to be happy along time ago and you really enjoy everyday that you have..That's great!!!

A short question for you:

I'll have my second date (I'll try to make dinner) with a person who used to date a french Chef. You can imagine the pressure of that.

Although I'm not interested on cooking an elaborated main dish (I'm not a chef), it will be great if you can recommend to me an easy delicous recipe that never failed to you before.

The only think that is certain is that we will enjoy a bottle of red french wine Margaux 2005 and my date will bring the dessert.

As you may have noticed, I'm not a native english speaker...sorry for my grammar mistakes.

Have a nice day..