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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Smokin' Joes, Davis Oklahoma

I once said the best bbq I had ever had was in a little place in Oklahoma City known as Elvis Presley's favorite. I agreed with the King.

A couple of weeks ago I had more top notch bbq, again in the fine state of Oklahoma, known to me as possessing super-fine meat and curious mountain lions.

I now believe that there is no better place to find bbq than Oklahoma. This little place, Smokin' Joes, which sits just outside of Turner Falls Park, routinely runs out of everything because it is so good. By 7 pm.

Ask anyone within a 10 mile radius where to eat a good meal and they will answer, "do you like bbq?" and send you straight to Smokin' Joes.

They have a spicy sauce which is delectable and a sweet sauce that I could eat on everything, every day.

The funny thing is that if you look at the sauce containers below you will know that G-d almighty exists and has a fabulous sense of humor. The red ketchup bottle below, the one that my son thought it would be funny to stick in his mouth and give a mighty squirt to, that one houses the spicy sauce.

Here is a dinner platter with smoked chicken, chopped brisket, coleslaw fries etc. So amazingly delicious.

Below you see a giant slab of beef ribs. Perfection. And the cows in the pasture watching us eat just made me feel so good about how fresh it all was.

Perhaps my favorite thing about my daughter is how she eats meat. She wasn't all that interested in the chicken I ordered for her. The familiar site and smell of white chicken meat didn't entice her. But when she laid eyes on that slab of ribs she very timidly reached toward it, "can I have one?" she asked me.

After all, Matt had threatened to murder anyone who touched his slab of ribs.

She proceeded to eat a few of these. She is a very natural little girl. She doesn't want chicken pulled from the bone with no skin. She likes her meat on the bone, with the skin falling off of it.

In fact, when I told her about the raccoons that had pilfered our camp site in the night she thought they sounded cute and requested that we take seven home for pets and then another to eat.

She was my faithful companion as we drove slowly through the Arbuckle Wilderness area oohing and ahhing with me at how delicious all the animals looked.

One of the best things about Smokin' Joes is their women's bathroom. It's the details that make this one fun to squat in. You can't see from my Centro's photography but wherever the paint is black it is full of sparkles.

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Anonymous said...

Smokin Joes Has Rockin BBQ And Awesomw sauce!!!
We found it too............
And if there is left overs, you can get a whole bag of stuff for a Great price..........lol