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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Me Day

My daughter's "Me Day" is fast approaching and she has been planning and scheming about it for at least six months. We are almost ready for it and as much as I can remember nothing from my son's "Me Day" in this exact class two years ago I am starting to have some real anxiety over this presentation that we have been putting together for Friday.

It involves a poster, which is almost done. It involves candy coming out of Dora's paper mache butt, which is all ready. It involves certain humiliation as my daughter tells her class something about how I sleep every chance I get and fart like a bus horn honking when I wake up in the morning.

Well, hopefully not.

We shall see.

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Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

that could be bad, but Eli told his teacher when he snuggles me in the morning my mouth smells like a skunk. Farting like a hus horn is right up there too.