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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


All I want is to add depth and dimension to my little life. I have been hoping for a teacher who could guide me for as long as I can remember. Since before I was an adult.

Happily, mercifully, I have found teachers in the Kollel Rabbis. They are joyful, wonderful teachers.

I went to my first real Passover second night Seder at Rabbi Davis' home and I admit it was terribly difficult for me to be up that late. I was grouchy for much of the experience. But of course, when Rabbi and Rebbetzin Davis spoke about the deeper meanings behind the Seder I was mesmerized as usual.

And the food. I am seriously baffled by how good the food always is at their house. Gevura is an amazing cook. Always.

One of my favorite parts of the Seder was eating the bitter herbs. We were all trying to stuff a lot of romaine down our throats, which isn't easy without any salad dressing. Jeremy had the most difficulty with this task. He suffered tremendously and when I pointed out to him that his suffering was spot on for what he was supposed to be experiencing he said without missing a beat, "I'd rather be whipped."

I am literally still laughing that he said this, even though it was clearly in the context of slavery in Egypt and all that. One does not expect to hear a guest at a Rabbi's table talking about wanting to be whipped.

Furthermore, that has been the theme of my life since last Wednesday. Whipped. Cream.

At the moment I have it all over my shirt, floor, counters ... and who knows where else.

My daughter discovered she likes it and I like it too so we've been having fun with strawberries and just enjoying ourselves in general.

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