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Friday, May 15, 2009

B lanc

The road to frum life is paved with steps forward and back. At least for me it is. I think about this a lot and I wonder when I'm going to make the full commitment.

My family is anti-frum. That is a big problem because I'm all about shalom bayis and you can't have familial peace in my family if you decide to full on Kosher.

You know I've been on about this for months and months.

But this weekend Blanc in Westport is featuring brats with cheddar cheese and sauerkraut. Come on people! If I had a reason to go there, I'd be there.

Hell, I'll probably find a reason to go there.

I think all the time about the idea that the end is there at the beginning and I wonder if there is a me who is frum already there, waiting for me to realize her. I think there is.

I think so as I sit here and blog on Shabbos.

I was reading about shidduchim the other day and I read about a guy in New York who would have wild love affairs with women who desired no committment from him while going on shidduch dates.

It really horrified and saddened me to read about it. Eventually he stopped and I think he quit pretending to be frum. That was heartening at least.

I think a lot about the destruction and rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem and suddenly I think to myself, "what if I could make that happen?"

It's a powerful thought.

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