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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pizza Fusion and North

It was a full on pizza day last weekend when I had lunch at Pizza Fusion and dinner at North.

I wasn't feeling well so strangely, I went for the salad.

I forgot the rule that you never order salad in a restaurant. It's the biggest waste of money there is. This salad was no real exception, except that it was organic and tasted better.

It was supposed to be a roasted beet salad but I assure you the beets were not roasted. Nevermind. The salad was good.

Noah had his typical white pizza and it was really yummy.

For my girl who only eats crust I ordered the flat bread. She loved it and the accompanying dipping sauces were fresh and good.

Charnsin had the veggie pizza, which was called something interesting and with its rich, multigrain crust I'd go back to Pizza Fusion just for this creation.

This was my second time dining at North and for someone who felt like crap, who had zero appetite and got up 6 times to blow her nose, I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner.

This is one of my absolute favorite restaurants in the Kansas City area. I told my waiter I wasn't hungry and he said to go for the wild mushroom, truffled arugula topped pizza because the crust is so thin. Good man.

My Dad ordered the duck risotto, which I kept stealing off his plate.

And, being the non-dessert person I am, we ordered their cherry croissant thing. Pure heaven.

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