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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Power and Light

Last night I went to the Power and Light district with 8 other women. Two were twins celebrating their birthday. We were all Moms and for the first time I felt like I was part of cougar pack on the hunt.

The only guys who danced with us all night were young enough to be our unplanned high school pregnancies (don't think any of us actually had kids older than 8).

I hung back and danced with no boys because I am actually single and it's not all a funny joke to me to dance with someone. I don't want a stranger pawing at me. But, I did dance with the girls for hours and loved it.

I also rode a bull. I will post pictures of this - but the pictures someone took from my phone were too blurry so I must wait for better ones.

Gloriously, we started out having a bite to eat at my favorite P&L place, Lucky Strike.

Below is a midi tuna burger and fries. I heard it was delicious.

Someone else ordered their tomato s'mores - an unfortunate name for a very yummy appetizer.

It's your typical fresh mozzarella, tomato etc combination.

I also snapped a shot of someone's pizza - they said it was wonderful. It had feta, pesto and shrimp. I didn't try any of these, but I saw a lot of happy eaters.

Lucky Strike has a vibe that is not easy to cull and they manage it every time.

Recently I have heard from various adamant young men that cougars are the best and I think this is a truly curious phenomenon. When I was in my 20's I never heard about cougars, or MILFs for that matter.

Were these new categories of women created because my generation of 80's-raised hard-core maniacal women proved themselves to be just too hot to turn into dowdy mothers? I don't know.

I kind of like it though.

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