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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This Year I have already Learned More....

You know they say that when the student is ready the teacher appears. Did you know that they say that? They do.

I've been learning a lot this year. I wanted to learn Spanish, and to practice my musical instruments.

I have been learning other things. Lots and lots of important knowledge getting crammed into my head and I like it so much!

One of the things I noticed lately I already knew but it's been sinking in deep. You know how people only see things from their own point of view? And they just can't understand certain things that are outside of what they believe to be right?

Well, I have started examining this with a microscope. Never before. Before I thought that I had to be myself and part of protecting the me who I am meant not trying to see points of view that I don't like because, poof, once I get a glimpse from that other angle I am changed forever.

This is truth but lately I have made more of an effort than ever before to quit judging people. When I run into a point of view that is different from mine, instead of dismissing it at and confirming with myself that I like my point of view I have started trying to understand other points of view.

It's uncomfortable. It's painful. But I like it. A lot.


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Anonymous said...

In the country where I am writing from is culturally acceptable to argue, discuss and confront the ideas...almost all the time. This is called "rĂ¢ler". It is difficult some times to adapt yourself to this new form of communication.

However..by doing so, my level of tolerance has increased and the: thesis vs. anti-thesis = conclusion, is interesting.

My point is that you can always express you point of view even if the person in front of you has a different vision of life. Tolerance and diversity are the keys.