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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Butts and Guts

This month some of the women at my office are having a contest. It's all about eating healthy and working out and it has really been eye-opening.

It's why Weight Watchers can work.

It's why being a gym-goer can work.

Getting points and a grade every day and having people to answer to makes you accountable for your actions. You can't help but think about everything you put in your mouth and every fitness choice you make.

I have been doing fairly well - getting a good amount of points every day and frankly, if I can keep it up, I think I will manage to fit into a few pairs of pants that haven't seen the light of day in a year.

This also speaks volumes to me about forbidden fruit. While I don't care about eating sweets save one week of the month, I have noticed that I want to have wine.

I don't like wine.

But it's something you lose a point for and so I have developed a desire to have a glass.

I haven't wanted sweets yet and I think I'll be OK there. Especially because this contest is for weekdays only in general and I have taken it further between myself and I; Saturday is my go wild day. So, if I want a drink or a sweet, I'm having it.

It remains to be seen whether I will want it. I'm guessing no.

On to more serious topics. I started writing a novel a year and 1/2 ago and nothing but nothing can make me work on it.

So, I've decided to re purpose this blog and start posting snippets of it here in an attempt to inspire myself to write.

I may even build out a URL I own and move this blog there to make it "official" - we shall see.

Emerging technologies. Disruptive innovation. This is what is shaking me out of my happy suburban stupor.

If Microsoft is really about to sell scanning technology that does stuff straight out of Minority Report then I better get on the stick and finish my novel.

Science fiction is catching up with me.

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