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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday was a Fun Day

I have a little tiny pet peeve. It's called being woken up in the middle of the night.

Can you imagine me with babies? A blur.

I tell me kids sometimes when I put them to bed, please don't wake me in the night.

The day after they do wake me up I am always crabby and when they say that I'm being mean I explain to them that it's because they woke me up. They are, in general, very good about not waking me up in the night.

Today we got up and went to deliver food around KC to people who can't really get it for themselves.

Then I dropped Noah off at a birthday party, took my daughter to dim sum, at her 4-year-old request.

When I was 4, was there anything I could have thought of eating on a Sunday for lunch other than McDonald's? She told me that Bo Ling's is her second favorite restaurant after Korma Sutra - or was Bristol her second favorite.

In any case, we rushed to Wal-mart to get some groceries and then went to the other kind of Wal-mart down the street to get 10 bags of mulch and an array of flowers.

We picked Noah back up and went home. I planted and watered and made my front lawn beautiful while Grace worked on learning to ride her bike. She's almost there.

Then we went to the pool for a little while and finally we came home for a Sunday cookout on my deck with some friends.

This is the way every Sunday should end. Lots of good food, smiles, tired, slightly sunburned people around a table outside.

What a glorious day! It's 7:45 and I really think I'm going to bed...

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Kelly and Sne said...

Hi! I will have to say that I hate to be woken up in the night too (which is why a newborn scares me to death!). Fortunately my hubby takes care of any night issues.

It DOES sound like you had a very good day. I'm jealous of going to bed at 7:45!

I heard a rumor that Trader Joes is considering a store in the KC area so tried to search it on google. Instead I found this blog by a fellow KC-based foodie. Thought you might be interested in checking it out. He also mentions some type of local foodie club.