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Sunday, July 26, 2009


This year my parents were kind enough to spend the whole day with me on my birthday. Usually I hate my birthday pretty much more than any other day of the year. I don't know why.

But this year I was too busy shopping for cars with my Dad and then we went to see the Ugly Truth, which I loved and then we went to Pierpont's for dinner.

This is a great restaurant and I really like how we did dinner. We did the 4 course tasting menu. You would have to be totally insane to do the five course or the wine pairing. No one's stomach is big enough for even the four course.

We brought good sized doggy bags home and barely touched our desserts.

The best part was that my parents and I ordered different things. So we had 12 courses. That was fantastic.

We started with their beef tartare appetizer. Blue Stem's is much, much better.

Next we tried the crab cake. It was so yummy.

Their lobster spring rolls were too spicy for me (and I don't like lobster...)

The crab bisque was incredible. Always order the crab bisque!

My Mom ordered some kind of crab-topped steak. I think I tried it and was not into it.

My meal was salmon with a tomato butter sauce and a side of roasted garlic gnocchi with wild mushrooms and gnocchi. DELICIOUS!

So, you may realize I left out my Dad's plate of lobster diablo or whatever it was called - it was ugly and way too spicy for me.

Not even sure what we ordered for dessert but we could barely eat any of it anyway because we were so stuffed.

Still, I do remember them all being wonderful.

It's always fun when they set your dessert on fire.

The creme brulee was my favorite.

They have so many wonderfulo drinks at Pierpont's, it's so fun to look through their drink menu. I had some kind of banana martini that was perfect.

Pierpont's, you still have my vote after all these years!

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A littlerlate I know but I am glad to know that you have celebrated the day you have arrived to our planet.