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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sakura - sushi train

Have I mentioned how much I have been working lately? Try 23 hours in 2 days..... This week was long and I enjoyed most of it.

But I cooked nothing. One night I felt like sushi so I picked up the kids and took them to Sakura's sushi train. I knew it could be disasterous but had to try.

Thank goodness David met me there because Noah was at a bit of a loss for what to eat and yet was well-entertained by the Star Wars companion conversation.

Grace blew me away trying various sushi rolls and whatever fish I took an interest in.

Noah tried to bear with the situation by having a few bites of crab rangoon and a bowl of miso soup.

Problems arose when he ordered pineapple juice and they served him a mixer. They also refused to make us steak teriyaki while we sat at the sushi bar.

Still, I loved my dinner there and loved having my kids with me and promptly rewarded Noah's efforts with Sonic as soon as we left.

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