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Friday, July 10, 2009

Where Have I Been All Your Life (or last week)

Everyone knows, care of Dooce.com that you can't blog about work.

But I will say that I have been spending most waking hours at work and when that is not the case, for the past week at least, I have been spending my time with a cowboy from Texas.

Having four kids might keep me from ever blogging again! 4 kids seems to leave a person with just enough energy to crawl into bed at night.

But what about people with 5, 6, and more? I like this because when you are a family of 6 or more nothing much exists outside of your family unit. You don't need to go somewhere for entertainment - it's always a party.

I should have snapped pictures of the shabbos dinner I served to the seven of us tonight (dont forget my cousin!) but alas I did not have my phone nearby to take any shots.

I made chicken noodle soup, salad, baked gefilte fish, roasted potatoes,carrots and onions, challah, roast chicken, broccoli caserole and served berries for dessert. Well, somehow we had tons of leftovers!

It's nice to have a houseful on Shabbat!

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