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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Culinary Center

Culinary Center of Kansas City


I used to go to this place as often as I could years ago when I didn’t have little kids. For 45 to 60 dollars a person you could go to a class/dinner there. They send out regular announcements of these classes which teach everything form appetizers to desserts, specific items, like tamales or gnocchi to etiquette to everything related to dining.

You go to a class from about 6:30 to 9:30 where you eat, learn to cook, sometimes actually make something and always meet people who are wonderful to talk to.

I used to give gift certificates to this place as wedding presents and loved to go there with my Mom and sister. It’s been too many years but I think the expense and time just never make sense to me anymore.

However, for a long time now I have been receiving emails on Tuesdays telling me about the Staff Lunch, which is a meal prepared by the Culinary Center Chefs. I usually see these and think, that would be nice but…

Well, for some reason today I decided to hit it and I’m very pleased that I did.

The best thing about the Culinary Center , that I had altogether forgotten is that the people who go there are Foodies. This fact means that I walked into a crowded dining room, sat down at a table full of 8 strangers, made friends and had great conversation instantly.

I went there to try the fish tacos but I left having heard great stories and with a few new ideas for what to do with fresh grown tomatoes.

The food was ok, but not what I expected. The fish was a fried fillet and the taco was a tortilla. There was a pile of shredded lettuce on my plate. This really offended me as a consumer of the Culinary Center . I expect better. I expect the unusual. The refried black beans were good and the rice was lovely. The sauce on the fish was very good, but over all I would not make or request this meal a second time.

The dessert however was out of this world and reminded me that an over the top outstanding dessert is customary at the Culinary Center .

It was a fresh churro made out of profiterole dough pushed through a star shaped pastry tip directly into the boiling oil. The result was a very light, crispy on the outside, very soft on the inside churro. G-d knows I care nothing for donuts or anything dipped in sugar, let alone dropped in dipping chocolate, but I would have eaten two if they had given me two.

I took the rest of my chocolate and poured it in a cup of coffee, as did the rest of my table after watching me. A proud moment indeed!

I’ll be keeping my eye out for these staff lunches just to meet other foodies and talk eating! See you there.

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Jodi said...

It's funny, but I have been very unimpressed with everything I've ever eaten that was prepared by the Culinary Center staff. The guest chef/instructors are the way to go.

It's also funny that I had fish tacos for lunch today too (at a restaurant). Mine were better.