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Thursday, August 20, 2009


This is the good stuff if anywhere in Kansas City has anything remotely close to the good stuff.

This is chicken noodle soup with a matzah ball in it for pete's sake.

Oh, I don't feel like a slice of pizza tonight. I think I'll have a latke the size of my head!

Or maybe I'll have just one slice of something almost as good as NY.

And an amazing ruben sandwich while you are at it.

It was about April or May when I had been divorced for a year - maybe it was March. It was around then that I finally realized how far from being over my ex-husband I was.

It was then that it suddenly hit me just how long it might be until I was ready to move on.

I tried to remain calm. Only one year has gone by. But now it has been another four months and I have noticed that my heart still aches in a way I don't like for the loss of my family.

I guess there is healing happening. I'm sure of it. I am patient in any case. Although our family of three limps along without a husband and father to fill that role, we are happy together and I enjoy my children immensely.

My parents are a huge help and I rarely find myself thinking or feeling anything but contentment anymore.

As summer winds down and my favorite season peeks its head up on the horizon, I wonder what's next.

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