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Sunday, August 16, 2009


I love Oklahoma because the food is good, the people are nice and the local color is a veritable rainbow.

When I say the food is good I mean that, at the risk of being disloyal to KC, this is the best place to get barbecue in our fine country.

4 miles from KS I stopped for gas and lunch. Here I saw giant men in overalls wearing nothing else but their tattoos and wild haired men with big gray bouffants and another man with a long curly mullet.

While I was waiting to order a "half moon" which we call calzone in other parts of the country, a goatee-sporting man who had a more standard mullet offered me some chips out of his open bag of lime habenero. His easy going, country-looking girlfriend smiled at me and I thought 'what the hell' and tried one. People here are generous, kind and patient.

I like the big midwestern men I see everywhere, making me feel tiny. I want to move down here, but I don't think there any Jews.

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Ann Pai said...

OK, we have GOT to make the road trip to the homeland. I want to take you to the Amish bakery in Chouteau. Also to the Batfish.