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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Korma Sutra and the freezing over of that hot place

First things first. Today I had lunch at a great restaurant called Korma Sutra. It is so good but the lunch buffet is too spicy for me so I have to pile on the raita. Still, it's worth it every once in a while and at least I never go back for seconds!

Tonight for dinner I decided to try something new so I sauteed potato and cheddar mini pierogies with a side of yellow summer squash steamed and mixed with a red sauce and cheese.

I sat down to eat knowing that my kids would scream that they were not going to eat this horribleness and that they do not like these things (even though they have never tasted them before).

To give myself more of a chance of success I sauteed the pierogies in olive oil and butter so that they would be nice and crisp and browned on the outside while being soft and wonderful on the inside and then, to make everything really good, I finished them with quite a good bit of fine black truffle salt - which we already know Noah likes.

I had brought home naan bread from lunch and fed that to them so they were not starving and if they really decided not to eat dinner I knew they would be okay. So, in a totally relaxed manner, I sat down to eat with them and Ben, giving her one and Noah two and helping myself to the plate you see above.

That's when I began to suspect that somewhere far south had frozen over. Gracie looked at my plate and asked for salad. I have never seen her eat salad although I have heard tales that she does this occassionally at daycare. Perhaps because today was her last day ever at her full time babysitting arrangement, she realized that if she did not eat salad at home, she would never get it again.

She ate salad. Still grinning from ear to ear over that one.

But the real magic happened in Noah's corner. He looked at the food on his plate and decided that it seemed to have a good color and texture and it sure smelled good. He asked me what was in it. I answered cheese. Good answer.

He picked one up and ate it. After the first bite, instead of saying the usual, "it's okay but I'm not going to eat it" or "it's kind of good" followed by reluctant nibbling out of hunger he proclaimed, "Mom, this is really good. I think this is the best thing you have ever made."

And then he proceeded to give a very short lecture on how I am one of the best cooks in this world, along with his father, my Mother and then, yes, there is Auntie Jo. This is the list of the best cooks in the world that Noah told me he feels honored to dine by. He loved the pierogies. And I love that my sweet boy has this list that he can rattle off in excitement without thinking too much about it.

Grace chimed in that my Mom makes the absolute best sauce in the whole wide world (which we all agree about) and that she is, in general, the best cook ever. I told them that this is simply what Grandmas are all about.

As I sat there next to Ben watching my kids eat the one dinner I prepared with no extra exceptions for people who need substitutes, I asked him if the red planet had frozen over.

It was fabulous!


Kari Meyer Zeferjahn said...

Amy I love your blog! I spent most of Tuesday going back and reading archives....so can not comment much as now I have work to catch up on! The one before this one.....so true.

From one single momma to another!
Kari Meyer Zeferjahn

Laura in MN said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who makes "extra exceptions."

Ann Pai said...

Oh, that's fantastic. And I am REALLY wanting those pierogies now.