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Monday, August 17, 2009

Mochi Yo and my Ass

This morning a friend of mine worked out with Obama in a hotel in Phoenix. He was all cool about it too. I would have said something. I would have freaked out! But he just did his workout and minded his own business. Very cool. Obama probably loved that.

I, on the other hand, went to the gym on a guest pass with my Annie who is a triathlete. She is VERY patient with me. We sort of "pool ran" as she calls it. I don't know what it was but I think it was just hanging out for her, whereas for me, I won't be able to walk tomorrow.

We talked a lot about how I really need to find an exercise I like. Look, I know which one I like, but I need to be married to do it. So I guess I need another one.

I'm on a quest to find the physical activity that I will like enough to do on my own regularly.

Any suggestions?

Meanwhile, I thought I'd hit a fantastic local frozen yogurt joint. Because after all that pool running, my ass was asking for it.

So I went to a place in Leawood called Mochi-yo where you can get frozen yogurt with all kinds of wonderful fresh fruit. I got the mango passionfruit yogurt with mango and raspberries.

You can also get bits of mochi on top. It's really, really good.

It also just feels like a cool place to hang out. Probably because it's near the Apple store or something.

I went there one night with my parents and met Wes Bergmann. He is one of those people who I would say is not very photogenic.

In real life he is a gorgeous red-head with big muscles, who looks like just the kind of guy you want to pass you some frozen yogurt if you know what I mean.

In pictures he looks like an 18 year old kid, but in real life he looks like a man.

I didn't even realize he was famous! But he is, I guess. I should have asked for his autograph. Next time.


Jodi said...

Come to body combat with me!

Ann Pai said...

Tango dancing... rock climbing gym... kickball teams... wheeeee!