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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Can you Guess What Time it is?

My tummy hurts.

I will start out by saying I have nothing to complain about and I know that.

But at the moment I hate everything and everyone and am a poster child for gun control.

I had a bad nightmare last night around 4 am that had me awake for an hour. This is unheard of for me.

The good news is that when I finally fell back asleep my dreams were like watching a movie. They were that interesting and that long apparently because I woke up at 12 noon.

This was a horrifying experience for me because I am a morning person. Therefore I awoke today to learn that my favorite part of the day was lost.

I wasn't hungry but had too much to do not to each something so I ate a raw egg and white rice and ran out the door.

I managed to eat something for "lunch" around 2 and then watched Religulous which mainly just added to my foul mood.

Then I went for a lovely dinner with friends. It was the bright spot of my day for many reasons except for one problem.

The food there was so good and I ate tons of it and now I have a tummy ache of course.

But, I am ready to have a good week and I'm looking forward to Rosh Hashanah next weekend. It will be great to go to Topeka.

I heard that women were made to be like the moon and the tides, constantly changing. It seems to be so.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Foodie:

I would love to see more posts about your Palm Pre. You look so happy and excited in your videos!!!