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Monday, September 21, 2009

General Tso

Last Monday I had a friend over for dinner so I decided to make a real meal. See below.

I made corn, green beans (pickled), rolled cabbage, bread, rice and general tso's chicken. It was really good.

I am way behind on posting food even though I have been taking pictures. I don't have a good excuse really, although I will once again blame it on my new phone that I cradle in my hands like a baby chick every day.

Actually I have a very exciting food story from yesterday and I may as well tell it right now.

I went to a picnic at Deanna Rose with a large group of people and for some bizarre reason I entered the dessert contest. I don't like dessert and I never make it but I do like the idea of a dessert contest so I just went for it.

I made a cherry chocolate pie and a raspberry chocolate pie. The raspberry pie was the real experiment because I used fresh raspberries. It turned out to taste good, for pie - which I don't like.

Anyway, there were 11 entries and many of them were incredibly beautiful and some were done by people who clearly do bake and know what they are doing. Unfortunately for me, my son was really adamant that I should win.

As they read out who got third place and then second, I knew for certain that I could not win against my competition, but alas. The announcer said, "and in first place, her first time entering this contest, the winner is ....." and he said my name.

My jaw fell open as he handed me the prize, which my son took out of my hands, proclaiming, "I knew it, I told you!"

But moments later, when I asked which of my pies had won, it turns out that number 11 (a cherry cheese pie) had won. My son was so angry and disappointed I thought he was never going to get over it.

But I think the excitement of being called out as first place was prize enough - even if I only thought it for a minute or two - it was great to think I won something like that.

Actually, I would have given first place to the chocolate bundt cake, followed by the rum cake and the third to the pound cake. I guess I like cake.

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