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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have some praises to sing tonight! First of all, it is great that they send out texts with free stuff.

I got the free small plate text so I decided to take my kids there for dinner after soccer. I love the food there but I don't normally bring my kids even though they have a good kids menu.

I can't believe how extensive the small plates menu is. And my daughter had filet mignon for dinner. My total bill for the three of us was $11.

Noah had a kids meal and I had a wonderful mushroom arugula pizza.

The best part was that the kids loved it. They thought the food was really good so we will be able to go back and try some of the other small plates.

I love how Houlihans is keeping up with the changing times by using text alerts to get people in the door and offering what is essentially tapas for those of us who would rather just have a few bites.

Thumbs up!

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