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Monday, October 12, 2009

Korma Sutra

I love to cook.  But I love to cook for those who love to eat.  If it were just me I would cook once or twice a week and eat a lot of leftovers but I must feed two boisterous dolls with opposite tastes.

A regular dining spot of ours is Korma Sutra where Noah can be found bowing and saying, 'Namaste' and where he always poops at some point during the meal.

It was yummy per usual and I behaved myself and let the children take balloons from Mr. Singh and into my car.

When Noah asked if I would blow his up for him he simply laughed in response to my answer, 'no, but I will throw it out for you.'  

Silly mother who hates balloons.  It isn't anything they hold against me even though I am known to pop them if one floats near me.  Especially in the kitchen.

What sweet angels I have to put up goodheartedly with my quirks.

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