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Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Nobody ever died from eating raw pork"

Except the people who did.

But I still thought that was the best quote of the evening. Because when you are making Julia Child's pate de canard en croute - which should look like this:

You end up saying stuff like, "nobody ever died from eating raw pork."

Let's start at the beginning shall we?

Two foodie sisters see Julie and Julia on the same night on dates with one husband and one potential husband.

Next time we talk we discuss what looked good. The stuffed duck in a crust, of course!

I don't recall ever suggesting we try to make it but I also don't recall what I said to anyone I talked to today so that's irrelevant.

However, please know it about me. Shall I decide there is something I want to do, I shall do it. And the fact that my sister and I discussed making this led me to comment early last week, let's plan to do this for Thanksgiving. Her response was, how about this coming Friday.

My mother got involved. So thankfully did a butcher at McGonigle's who boned the duck for us (he he).
The interesting part of this cooking experience was the various communication errors. My sister thought I would be able to properly make the pastry for this duck. I thought the point of our experiment was to make the thing regardless of whether we had any skills or talents.

I went over to her house the night before to make said pastry. It did not go well. She had a lot of confidence when it came to the meat stuffing, but who knew?

Check it: http://dinnersbyjodi.blogspot.com.

We did end up trussing that duck just fine...

Then Jodi browned it. She mentions that there might have been some yelling. When were not yelling and swearing at each other?

I don't know. But my favorite part was how grossed out my sweet daughter was by all the raw meat until she saw Auntie browning the duck.
Once she laid eyes on that beauty she declared it was what she would be eating for dinner. We explained that the chicken nuggets and pizza were for her and the 4 other kids because, hey, this duck? Not going to be ready until 8. But she waited.

I'd like to tell the story of the probe hanging out of the duck's butt but this blog post is already too long. It was some cooperation between me and brother-in-law and it sure was funny! I do hope it has nothing to do with why my sister's oven caught fully on fire tonight.
Yeah, yeah - our duck didn't look all beautiful like the one in the top picture but it tasted fantastic.

I think the raw pork comment came from all of us waiting and waiting for the probe to tell us the inside of this thing had reached 180. We couldn't wait and once we looked it up and found that 165 degrees would do, we pulled that sucker out of the oven so fast...

I'm kind of disappointed that I don't have a picture to show you of me and my sister sitting on the floor in front of the oven staring at it for 20 minutes.

The best part was how much the kids liked it and I thought we agreed we would make it again for Thanksgiving - but this time we would use store bought pastry and be sure to include the $45 black truffles.

However, I heard from my parents that this is not my sister's plan and that instead we are to have some kind of weird duck-off where everyone cooks a duck and brings it. Screw that.

I'll just make gyoza again. People always love them.

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Bubb Rubb said...

we pulled that sucker out of the oven so fast...

Well, if you don't pursue a career in cooking, it looks like you might still have a future as a delivery room nurse!