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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


North is one of my Kansas City favorites. I keep finding my way back there every couple of months. Last night I tried their sangria, which was really delicious. I also tried the bruschetta which I had always avoided because of the big slices of ham on top but it was amazing, of course.
My friend had the scallops and said they were perfect. I tasted the pea orzo they were sitting on and was impressed.
Although I have come to always order this favorite: the mushroom, arugula, pecorino romano pizza, I realized last night that I could order anything at North and be happy and that is my standard of excellence for a restaurant.
We had the nutella torte for dessert and it was delightful, but I realized after that I should not have been shy to mention what I really like to do after eating dinner at North... which is head to Mochiyo for dessert. Ah well.
Now I have a question for my readers. Do you think a Foodie can be happy with a non-Foodie?

Or, do you think a Foodie will naturally turn anyone who spends time with her into a Foodie in their own right?

One of my dreams is to have a cooking partner and make all the glorious dishes I've ever had or wanted to have in my home with my best friend - and make them all kosher!

I wonder if Matt is up for that challenge. I hope so.

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Anonymous said...

You can be very happy with a non-Foodie. Maybe is better.

Just as a quick example, I love airplanes, I really do, their history, specifications, I like to visit the airports just to watch how those metal monsters land and all that stuff. My partner love airplanes too? nop, but my friends do!!. However she respects and support my hobby.

I discovered that there are some things that I can do with my friends and others with my girlfriend...I prefer that way.