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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Paranormal, The Movie or Misogyny Lives

Walking into your house decked out with ghoulish creatures does not help your nerves after watching a movie like Paranormal.

On the other hand, it only took me halfway through this flick to realize how the writers come up with the idea.

I'm certain that some total weirdos recorded themselves asleep every night after bringing their newborn child home from the hospital. Thus, Paranormal was born.

I'm thinking these video-loving parents had a toddler based on the content of the film.

Check it: A loving, happy couple are disturbed from time to time by things that go bump in the night so they decide to record what his happening while they sleep.

They are woken up every night to strange noises between the hours of 2 and 4 until they are more and more sleep deprived, finally to the point of the mother killing the father.

Does this not sound like life with a newborn? I had to laugh once I noticed the similarity to the demise of the relationship and all semblance of sanity coinciding with repeated lack of sleep.

The strange way something seemed to sneak in under the sheets to get at the woman.

The way the woman would get up in her sleep and stare for hours at her sleeping man, surely thinking, "you did this to us with that man-thing of yours."

The demon in this movie followed around the woman - it was her negative energy that fed it and it was the woman it eventually possessed to do harm to the man.

Why do we so easily vilify women? Had I not seen Changeling yesterday I might not have noticed it in this movie. But that movie is a true story of how easy it was in 1928 to discount women as crazy and throw them in the nuthouse.

It seems to me that women are creatures to be utterly feared for most men. Women need to be protected and controlled or hey, they might just murder you in your sleep.


Thank goodness Jack is here to protect me. That movie was scary. But not as scary as it would have been if I hadn't been through raising a newborn. He was great material for movies like this. He wasn't the kind of newborn that had us any more sleep deprived than any other new parent. But man, when he was 2 he used to scare the shit out of us whispering about monsters to us at his bedtime, pointing just beyond our ears and gazing just over our heads.

"See it?" he'd say in his little voice while we took turns reminding each other that if we acted scared it might frighten him.

Ah children. Love them!

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