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Sunday, October 18, 2009

What a Day!

I have so many great blog posts that are stacked up like my blockbuster queue which refuses to move or send me any damn movies.

There was Fusion last week, then the crazy Shabbat on Friday and I think I meant to take pictures today but that just didn't happen.

I did have 50 people over, which was great fun. And we made a totally delicious, KOSHER flour-less chocolate cake with homemade whipped cream which I thought I'd be bringing to work because by the time it was done there were maybe 15 people left - but we took that cake out!

We had a lazy day after the guests left. We had dinner and went down to the basement for some karaoke. We turned all the lights off and the two disco balls on and sang for 1/2 an hour.

It was fun but ended with me having a splitting headache. I took some Advil and sent the kids to bed.

Noah said he felt lonely and Grace was tagging along and my head was hurting so instead of getting up I invited them up to snuggle me for a little while ... and then I remembered to wiggle Noah's tooth.

This kid is approaching 7 and 1/2. I have been waiting 2 years to pull out a tooth. But, as I said, my head hurt and after a few tries I gave up.

When my daughter said she wanted to try I really didn't think anything of it. I said to my son, "let her try."

I really paid no attention, assuming that there was no way my little girl could pull her brother's tooth out. However, I think I underestimated the small finger advantage because she was on top of him one second with him squirming to get away from her and the next minute she was saying, "I got it!"

My son was under the covers hiding from her and she didn't have anything in her hands so I still thought nothing of it. But when he emerged that tooth was gone!

I'd like to say I remained calm but actually a great deal of yelling ensued.

"Where is the tooth?"

"Don't move!"

"Get away from there!"

"Get out of my bed!"

"Did you swallow it?"

To my daughter: "Do you have it?"

The kids kept jumping around and I kept yelling, "get out of my bed!"

And then I was screaming, "I'm going to kill you! This is his first baby tooth!!"

Eventually I calmed down and we said a prayer about firsts and then I asked the kids to step out of the room for a little while so I could find the tooth.

I knew I had to be careful. I couldn't rip my bed apart - it wouldn't help if the tooth went flying further.

Apparently Grace's extraction method mainly involved one finger, lodged on the inside of the bottom of Noah's mouth behind the loose tooth where she just yanked that sucker out and yes, it went flying.

I found it in the fold of my sheet on the side of my bed where it undoubtedly hit my bed curtain and fell to rest there. It was so tiny and cute. I called to the children that I had found it and they came running.

Noah couldn't believe it. Grace really didn't believe it.

Then Noah brought me his tooth fairy box that he has been holding on to for a year and we put it inside and placed it under his pillow.

Then the kids asked me about the tooth fairy. Noah was really worried about her showing up and I promised him that she would be in and out before he knew it. He fretted about it for awhile and eventually decided that he didn't want her to come.

I promised him that I'd let her know her services were not needed.

But she did come!

I hope he remembers to look in the morning.

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