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Sunday, November 1, 2009

bluestem and Korma Sutra

It's funny to me that there are a few restaurants in midtown that I am willing to drive to just for a particular item on their menu.

bluestem is one of those places and the dish I love is the below appetizer:

Waygu beef tartare, which is a hunk of chopped up raw meat topped with a raw egg and delicious parmesan. It is served with spring greens and potato chips! It's sooooo good.
I asked the chef why I like my cooked meat medium and then I like this raw meat.

He answered that I don't really like my meat medium. And then he said that it's different when you start cooking meat because of the blood and the texture and a lot of yucky stuff that I didn't want to hear about.

Whatever the reason, I love this dish!

I had a day with my daughter recently and she asked to go to Korma Sutra for lunch. I don't like to do that because the lunch buffet is too spicy for me. But I agreed and found out that I could have asked Mr. Singh for mild tikka masala and he would have made it special for us!!

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