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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Especially for him, especially for her

I got a Jewish divorce the other day and it was something!

The Rabbi was maybe 90 years old and he spoke in a mixture of English, Yiddush and Hebrew the whole time as if they were one language.

He asked Andrew many times to say in lots of different ways that if he was made to do this or not made to do this or promised to do this or promised not do this, that either way, it didn't matter and no one could ever say this divorce wasn't valid.

It was so confusing I don't really know what he was saying or what he was trying to get Andrew to say.

He gave Andrew several quills and some ink and said, "this is yours.  Now you have to lend it to me and ask me to write this document, especially for you and especially for her."

Andrew had to repeat after him a lot.  

It took him and the witnesses an hour to write the document because they took so much care with each and every letter.

He took the document that was all folded up and signed by two witnesses especially for him and especially for me and made me stand there in front of Andrew with my hands held out in a cup like I was about to get a fantastic present.

And I stood there crying in front of a bunch of Rabbis while Andrew held up the paper and said something like,

"This is your GET and accept this as your GET, you shall therewith be divorced from me, you are untied free and permitted to any man."

And he dropped it into my hands.  And all the ties between us were severed just then.

Next I had to place it in my pocket and walk away several steps and then come back and give it to the rabbi.

He cut it with a razor in four places while it was still folded up and had me write my name and address on it.

He gave me another document to show that I was divorced.

And now, if I have any other children they won't be illegitimate by way of being born out of the wedlock between me and Andrew.

I do feel different now, like I can see a bit better.   For sure I feel unbound.

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Jodi said...

Wow. That sounds really . . . archaic.

If it was something you felt you needed, I am glad it was available for you. But I liked the county district court divorce much better.