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Thursday, November 19, 2009


I didn't want to blog, but you haven't seen any pictures from my life of food lately.

Here they are.

First it was Five Guys Burger and Fries.

There is zero special about the burgers in that place unless you load them up with toppings and that's what you have to do and that pays off.

They have so many toppings and if you just get all of them you will be happy you did.


Then we took a trip to the new International Market on 119th and 69 highway.  This is a Chinese grocery store where a big Hyvee used to be.

It made me a bit sad because it reminded me of Mitsuwa except it was Chinese so I didn't know what anything was.

I need to move to Japan.

Also, today we had a chili cook off at work.

Lots of competition.

Mine did not win, in fact of the 12 people entered, 9 were women and 3 were men.  The 3 men won.  I tasted the first place winner.  Not impressed.  I voted for the third place winner.

It was chicken and white bean chili but the main thing was the cilantro garlic sauce!  Oh my, this was amazing!

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