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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sushi House and White Chocolate Kahlua Rum Cake

Sometimes I am most thankful for intense suffering. I know that doesn't make sense but when I feel the worst I am moved to the greatest compassion for others and that makes me feel closer to g-d than anything else.


Tonight we went to Sushi House for the umpteenth time. I do not like that place. We go there and order bentos for my children. They are ridiculous. They are full size bento boxes full of steak, rice, tempura and california rolls. The crazy part is that my daughter eats almost all of hers.

The kids actually like it and I guess my parents do too but I think it's not very good. They don't even have red snapper sushi there!

This is what I ordered: one hamachi-negi (yellowtail, green onion) roll and one avocado roll. They were both pretty yucky.
My Dad always gets this totally disgusting lobster roll. But, in his defense, I don't like lobster so maybe if you do it's good.
I am boycotting Sushi House from now on. I love Kaiyo and it's just around the corner. Or, Sakura, with the sushi train, even though it's not that good is at least fun.

So tonight I made a rum cake and I decided to share how to do it with everyone because when you know how to do something you should teach other people and when you know to how make something delicious you should teach everyone!


Jodi said...

Dude, you're nuts. Sushi House is great. And I must mention that when Mom and Dad came over last night, we got freaking take-n-bake pizza for dinner--so you should be THRILLED even if there was no red snapper. Waah.

Foodie said...

Ew! I'd rather have any kind of pizza than eat at Sushi House. I'm done with that place. Bleh.

What are you doing Friday? We should do Shabbat together.