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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bluestem Part 1

I only say Part 1 because I plan to go to Bluestem again in the very near future for their 12 course tasting menu, and so this post is just to whet your appetite for one of my favorite K.C. restaurant experiences.

If you have forgotten, my highest rating goes to a restaurant where I know that whatever I order will be good.  This is extremely rare.  Bluestem is almost to this level, but I tasted what my Matt ordered and I wouldn't have been able to enjoy a whole plate of rare duck.

I have been to Bluestem repeatedly for the wagyu steak tartare appetizer.  I readily ordered this last Tuesday as well, not realizing that one does not go to Bluestem for dinner and order an appetizer in the bar first.

This is a damn fancy restaurant!  One chooses from a 3 course, 5 course, 7 or 12 course menu when dining at Bluestem.

In spite of the heavenly appetizer I'd just ingested, I went for the following three magnificent courses.

1. Chawanmushi - regardless of whatever else was offered, I had to try this.  It's a traditional Japanese dish that I have never had outside of Japan.  It is a savory egg custard with whatever the chef wants to put in it.  The texture and manner of presentation were odd but the taste was delicious. 

2. Miso bass with a bunch of "heirloom" vegetables.

Let me tell you something about this dish.  First of all, it was perfect.  The fish was wonderful and the miso was done perfectly.  However, the vegetables really got me on this one.  Thank goodness for Jenn's Matt who explained to me what makes these vegetables so amazingly good.

The eggplant was delicious, and who can normally say that about eggplant?  But what really wowed me were the pickled radishes.  I don't know from eating radishes in the first place but these little pink sweet and sour crunchy, soft bites were so good I kept remarking about them like some kind of imbecile.

3. The Cheese plate.  One can only imagine what type of person orders a cheese plate for dessert.  But I was in heaven with this selection of blue-types.  It did not dissapoint.

Ah, Bluestem.  One wonders how Kansas City got so lucky to have you.
I can not wait for the 12 course tasting.  If anyone wants to join me, let me know.


Anonymous said...

The food is so good you feel guilty for not telling people about Bluestem but you also want to keep it your own little secret. Only tell the good people!

Nimz world said...

I feel the food is too good after reading your description ...I intend to taste it in future