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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A co-worker asked me to fetch his banana today

I feel bad that I haven't been posting about food lately.  But to be fair to myself I have been sick.  Also, when I hear about women who don't cook, whose husbands do all the cooking and they do all the, ahem, wifely duties to keep their chef-husbands happy, in my mind I jump up and down with my hand raised saying, "me, me, I want that!"

I would like to have a husband who did all the cooking.  The fun part about that is that I like to cook so I would help and he would not have to do it alone.  Sometimes he wouldn't have to do it at all.

Anyway,  I thought that I would force myself to take a picture of dinner tonight and post it no matter what it turned out to be and then something happened that is better than whatever my dinner post would have been.

I have a co-worker who is unique in every way.  I know, I know.  Everyone is special in their own way.  But he is that kind of person who is exciting to be around.  You know what I mean?  If you are going to a party, you want him to be there and you want him to stand by you.

This morning he came to me with a hanger and asked me to help him retrieve a banana.

So I did.   First I dropped the hanger behind his desk.  Then he got it out with a ruler and a piece of tape.  Then he taped a fork to the hanger.  I used that contraption to flip the banana out from behind his desk.

Ok, I know you deserve more than this.  I will try.

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