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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Griffin and Sabine

My sister used to read these books which were really beautiful art combined with a mysterious love story between a man and a woman who never met all in the form of their correspondences.

I don't remember the details but you read through their postcards and letters, going through the book and hoping they would get together.

I never wanted to read these books, even though I thought the art was wonderful because I have always thought there is little worse than the torture of missing someone day after day.

I know how this feels. 

Yet, people can get used to anything. So when you get used to the rhythm of being apart, it can be painful at first when you are finally together.

Matt and I made our first pizza together this past weekend. 

We covered it with my typical variety of 6 cheeses, and then, at his suggestion we added baby spinach, baby portabella mushrooms, artichoke hearts, green peppers and garlic.

I like cooking with Matt.  I think it's what I most look forward to - especially if there are 4 kids at the waiting end of our efforts.

We are talking about writing a cookbook together, and if we do there will be lots of videos to watch along the way.

Next post will be about Bluestem and the magnificent dinner we had there.

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