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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Book Club, Christopher Elbow and Japanese Breakfast

I have the best book club in the entire universe. The women in my book club are smart and interesting and beautiful and fun. I always find a way to get my ass to book club.

I'm not sure what the book is for next month or where we are meeting - I offered my house so maybe that's where - but the main thing I have to say is that last week, at book club, there was Christopher Elbow.

As if she had to put it out like this and make it look beautiful! It's Christopher Elbow!!! The chocolate that is so good it can't be eaten alone.

I don't know of many delicacies so good that I refuse to eat one by myself. I must share the flavor in order to fully enjoy it. I want to see someone else experiencing what I am.

My favorites are definitely passion fruit, banana curry and mint. Oh Christopher Elbow. You are more than a man to me. Do we have any finer culinary claim to fame in this city than Christopher Elbow?

Passion fruit. Heaven in a little chocolate.

On another note, last week I was playing with my daughter early in the morning and neither of us had eaten breakfast yet. We were playing house and pretending that our Hello Kitty Pez dispenser gave us pills that turned into whatever breakfast we wanted when put in water.

We both wanted Japanese breakfast. So, after a few minutes of playing I got up and made us Japanese breakfast.There she is eating a little tuna roll I made for her.
We both want to go to Japan this summer so badly. Anyone else heading there so I don't have to travel all that way by myself?

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Lisa said...

I'd love to join a book club... got any openings? And Christopher Elbow is the best EVER! I like his lavender. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.