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Monday, January 18, 2010

A Day without Food

Sorry to my dinner guests last night if any of you woke up sick today or get sick later in the week.

I woke up this morning and found that my stomach had been off duty since the day before but had forgotten to send me a memo advising me not to put anything in it.

If there had been work today,  I would have been home asleep all day.

But today was a holiday and I had to take care of my wonderful children.  We had a good day, minus a couple of car-related issues but today I ate just about nothing.

I had a cup of tea midday and a sum total of 5 crackers.

My stomach is still giving me the finger but I've had a great day of not eating.  I admit my mood has been poor but I am defeated to the point of no energy to spend yelling at kids.  I pleaded with them many times today, "Mommy doesn't feel well.  Please behave today."

They really managed it.  And I kind of wish I never felt like eating.  I don't mean to say I wish I felt sick like this or that I wish my stomach never worked.  It would be nice of my stomach worked fine but if I could happily pass every single meal.

I'd eat, of course I would eat.  But I'm pretty sure I'd also lose 20 pounds pretty quickly and be able to fit into the tiniest and cutest clothes I own that I haven't worn in two years.

Anyway, to health!  L'Chaim!

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